Over more than 2000 million years ago when the earth was still empty and raw, a meteorite as big as Table Mountain hit the earth at the speed of approximately 150 000 km per hour. The point of impact was around the area between Potchefstroom, Parys and Vredefort. (It has sedimental layers which formed with the previous erosion, 700 million years ago.) This area is therefore referred to as the Vredefort Dome.

Dr J.J. Mayer published an 7 page booklet on the Dome which is available at the Suikerbos Holiday Resort.

The Dome is so unique that it has been already declared World Heritage site. The Dome is also very famous because of its natural beauty and the existence of valleys with thick bushes and mountains with a huge variety of trees and plants. The height of the area varies between 1380 and 1650 metres above sea level. The Vaal River also makes its way through this area for approximately 30 kilometres.

There is a huge variety plants, trees, birds and animal life in various game reserves. There are also 15 other different holiday resorts, hiking routes and a 4x4 trails.

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View From Suikerbos
"View From Suikerbos Nature Resort"

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